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Be a Better NY Driver....

Take the 6 Hour Defensive Driver Class

DELIVERY AGENCY NAME: Linda E. Karpovich #B77

OUR INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: Linda Karpovich #1426

SPONSORING AGENCY NAME: Defensive Driver's Discount #35

Bring your friends too and enjoy your time together...It’s easy, and fun!

SAVE on Auto Insurance 10% REDUCTION* ---- For 3 YEARS!

Plus REDUCE UP TO 4 POINTS** on your Driver's Abstract

*Discount Off Of Liability and Collision Portion Of Insurance Premium

for attending this Point Insurance Reduction Program (PIRP)

**See our FAQ section at the bottom of this page.



Stamford Library $35 Discounted Ticket....

Limited Space Register here Now!

ALL Library patrons qualify...

Monday. February 17th from Noon - 6 pm

---President's Day---  

Stamford Village Library

117 Main Street, Stamford, NY

 Regularly $40 -Library Patrons, That means if your ever borrowed any book, at any library, you qualify! , will receive a $5 DISCOUNT

Limited Space available ... REGISTER BELOW!

Catskill Veteran Outreach Center

One $35 Discounted Ticket.... 

Two Discounted Tickets for $70....

Saturday, March 14th from Noon to 6 pm

Catskill Veteran's Outreach Center

56 Main Street, Stamford NY

ONLY $35

Regularly $40 Veterans and guests (basically everyone attending)

will receive a $5 DISCOUNT

Bring Friends ...Maximum is 40 people ... REGISTER BELOW!

Saturday. March 21st from Noon to 6 pm

we will be using the Conference Room

at the FOR-DO Office

84 Main Street in Delhi

$35 per ticket

At the Conference Room at FOR-DO Delhi Office

$35 Discounted Ticket.... Limited Space

All Members and Visitors Qualify for the discount.

H.D. Lane Volunteer Fire Dept

One $35 Discounted Ticket ....... 

Two Discounted Tickets for $70 ..........

Late March Date to be Announced

Course from 12 pm - 6 pm

H.D. Lane Volunteer Fire Dept

26 Beecher Road, Lanesville, NY

ONLY $35

Regularly $40..Firefighter's guests (basically everyone) will receive a $5 DISCOUNT

Bring Along Friends and Family ... REGISTER BELOW!

Easily contact us here to ask a question or to see about arranging for a 6 Hour Defensive Driver Course at your own location...

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Frequently Asked Questions-

Why should I use the Linda E. Karpovich Agency who is sponsored by Defensive Driver’s Discount?

Linda will guide you through the class and answer questions that may arise. No sitting in front of your computer screen alone but enjoy learning with other drivers. Bring along some friends and family to learn together in a friendly and comfortable environment. You can even Contact Linda to arrange a private class for your group, club, department, or company.

All providers of PIRP are required by New York State Law to deliver your certificate within 45 days, however, we issue the certificates much faster. Upon completion of our course, we’ll generally mail your certificate within 3 days, sometimes the same day!

Insurance Discount

How do I get the 10% discount?

After completing our course, we’ll provide you with a completion certificate within 3 days (unlike our competitors, who can take up to 45 days). You send the certificate to your insurance company or take it to your local insurance agent, within 90 days. Your insurance provider is required to then provide you with a 10% discount to your liability, no-fault and collision premium rates, retroactive to the date you completed the course.

If you take longer than 90 days to present your certificate to your insurer, the reduction will be effective from the date you gave them the certificate.

How long does the discount last?

The 10% discount is good for 3 years. You may take the course once every 36 months (three years) to maintain insurance reduction benefits.

If I take the course, will that prevent my insurance company from raising my premium down the road?

Unfortunately, no. The benefits of the course do not include preventing insurance companies from increasing your premium for other reasons, such as general premium increases, or traffic accidents or violations.

What if more than one person named on a policy completes the PIRP course?

The insurance premium reduction applies to all motor vehicles principally operated by the motorist who completes the course. The discount can be applied to only one driver for each covered vehicle.

Are their any age restrictions, or other restrictions such as for drivers participating in assigned risk pools?

No, any legal driver in the State of New York can participate in the program and receive all of the applicable benefits.

Will youthful operators already receiving a driver education reduction receive both that and the PIRP discount?

This is up to the insurance company, and you should check with them to see if both reductions will be provided at the same time.

Point Reduction

How do I receive the point reduction?

Upon completion of the course, we’ll notify the DMV within ten weeks (usually sooner!), who will then place a note on your driving record. The DMV will then automatically reduce your active point total by up to four points.

Note that completing the course doesn’t actually remove or delete the records themselves. All violations, convictions and a record of the original number of points on your driving record will be retained by the New York Department of Motor Vehicles. These entries will generally continue to show on your actual driving record for ten years. However, the DMV will not count the reduced points against revocation or suspension of your license, were that ever to come into play.

How do I know my driving record shows my PIRP course completion?

You can request a copy pf your driving record from the DMV, should you ever want further proof that you’ve completed the course and received the point reduction. You can also visit a DMV office in person and request form MV-15, which can then be provided in person to request a copy of your driving record.

You can always contact us if you request your driving records more than ten weeks after completion of our course and still don’t see the notice on your record.

How does point reduction actually affect my license and driving record?

Point reduction applies only to the points you acquired within 18 months of taking our course. They can’t be used as “credits” for future violations, and have no affect on older violations.

Your points can never be reduced to a point total lower than zero.

If you’ve already lost your license, whether revoked or suspended, point reduction will not be able to help you there, nor can it prevent or cancel a mandatory revocation or suspension for violations like DWI, DWAI or 3 speeding violations within 18 months.

Your points can only be reduced once per 18-month period. Note that the DMV’s “point” system is not related to any similarly named insurance company program.

Finally, this point reduction program does not prevent or reduce the calculation of points affecting a “Driver Responsibility Assessment.”

Can this course reduce my driver responsibility assessment?

No, there is not currently an accident prevention course in New York State which will affect a driver’s responsibility assessment.

If I don’t currently have any points on my driving record, will I be able to bank the 4 point reduction for later violations?

No, the 4 points can only be deducted from existing points you’ve accumulated and do not apply to future driver violation points. After 3 years, you can take the course again and, at that point, have the points removed from your record.

Will I see the points reduced from my driving record?

The DMV computer system applies the points automatically upon your completion of the course. Your record will still show your past convictions and any applicable points, along with a note that you completed this course and that a reduction of the appropriate amount of points has been applied, depending on your particular scenario.


I haven’t received my certificate?

If you haven’t received your certificate within 8 weeks of completing the course, please contact us immediately at 607-643-8360.

How much time does the course take?

Whether you take the course online or in one of our classrooms, they cover the same material. The classroom course will take 6 hours. Note that the on line course is 320 minutes (five hours and twenty minutes)long and you have thirty days to complete it from the time you make payment and register.

What material is covered by the course?

Essential information with regards to traffic safety issues. Examples include a driver’s attitude and behavior, vehicle and traffic law, and defensive driving techniques.

What are the courses like?

Our classroom courses are presented in one or more sessions. Attendance to all sessions is mandatory, of course. There is no test required to complete the course, just attentive attendance. Our online courses are 320 minutes, which is a little over 5 hours. Once you register, you have 30 days to complete the course. You’ll be provided login information, and can take the course in smaller sessions if you don’t wish to complete it in one 320 minute chunk.

You’ll be asked questions throughout to make sure you’re actually participating in the online course.