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The Artful Spirits

Your Traveling Paint Party Studio!

Paint Party FAQ's

We know you have questions and we have the answers!

Scroll through to find information about general questions,

hosting a private party, community events, and FUNdraisers!

General Questions:

What if I have never painted before?

-Fantastic! There is no experience necessary! You will have a great time and be very surprised with yourself while you tap into your dormant creative side!

How long will it take to complete?

-The painting time varies between each design. Some may take only 2 hrs, many others may take closer to 3. Keep in mind, these event are parties and you will want to have time to set up, socialize, mingle, etc.

How much does this typically cost?

- Seats for private parties and community events are $35 - $40 when using designs from the online catalog. Specialty classes such as Pet Portrait Parties and custom designs cost between $45-$55 per person. Fundraisers will vary depending on the organizers hosting the event.

How far in advance do I need to schedule an event?

-We try to accommodate your first choice of date and time. However, to avoid scheduling conflicts, We recommend contacting us at least a month in advance to allow for marketing. Working on short notice? We will do my best to work with you. Just ask!

Are there any additional fees I should know about?

-Not even a penny! No one likes fine print and hidden fees. Whether you are hosting a private party, fundraiser, or attending a community event, once your deposit is paid or ticket is bought, you are all set! 

Are tips expected?

-While monetary tips are greatly appreciated, tips in the form of referrals, reviews on Facebook, and sharing of business cards, is more than enough! Please do not feel obligated to give more money. Seeing you again at parties speaks volumes!

Private Party Questions:

Please confirm availability of your request with us first!

What does the set up look like?

-For all events each painter is provided with a canvas, table top easel, palette, brushes, paint, water cup, paper towels, and an apron.

What is provided versus what I need to provide?

-Everything mentioned above is provided by me along with the raffle tickets and prizes to make sure your guests have a great time! All you need to provide are the tables, chairs, simple snacks, and refreshments.

Where should I set up my party?

-You can set up anywhere that is large enough for your guests to paint comfortably. Although it is not forbidden, We do not recommend hosting event outdoors due to weather uncertainty and wind. If you do not think you have enough room, we can help you find another venue for your event.

What is the minimum/ maximum guests I need to host a party?

-The minimum is 6 (5 guests and you) for a party. We can set up for as large as 50 with the help of an assistant (or two)! As mentioned above, make sure you have a large enough space. Please note that their is a $35 deposit to hold your date (refunded after you meet the hostess benefit of 10 paid guests).

Can you tell me more about the hostess benefits?

-We are happy you asked! That's a favorite part! As the hostess, with 10 or more guests you paint for FREE! You also are the one who chooses the beautiful design you and your guests paint. If any of your guests book parties with us, you get to paint at a discount at their parties. Paying it forward at its best! 

How do guests pay?

- Guests typically pay on line. This will guarantee their seats as well as give an accurate count to know exactly how many supplies to bring. The party minimum of 5 paid guests (not including yourself) must be met a week prior to your event.

Community Events Questions:

How do I register for community events?

-You can register right here on this site. Your seat is nonrefundable. If you can't make it, once you register, you can use your credit towards a future party.

Can I bring my own drinks to these events?

-This will vary depending on the location. It is determined by the venues liquor licenses and is out of my control. The details of the events will specify if you can BYOB or not. We do not have a liquor license and do not provide wine or liquor of any kind.

Can I bring my child/friend/spouse who isn't painting?

Anyone who comes to our events needs to have a paid seat, as this causes a huge distraction to the class & we may not have extra seating.

FUNdraiser Questions:

How do I use your services to host a FUNdraiser?

-Like hosting a private party we provide all art supplies, materials, raffles, and prizes. You provide the location, tables, chairs, snacks, and refreshments for your guests. Light background music is nice too.

- For FUNdraisers a 10 person minimum is required and must be met a week prior to your event. *

- You are responsible to advertise and promote the FUNdraiser. All promotional Material needs to be approved by The Artful Spirits PRIOR to posting or distribution. Please remember to include our information and Logo. If you need assistance with promotional materials let us know what assistance you would need us to provide for promotional materials and in what forms. Facebook Event page and/or Post, Instagram, Twitter, Flyers, Posters, Postcard etc.., We will be happy to provide the promotional material for you.

-You are responsible to generate ticket sales. We will post your event on our site including a PayPal button to facilitate guests registering for ticket sales.

-We charge $25 per person for the first 20 painters and you can add whatever you want on top of that for raising funds. For example: 20 people @ $40 per person would be $40 ticket- $25 our fee=$15 funds per first 20 guests means 20 x $15 = $300 funds raised. (If 10 person is not met amount charged is increased to $27 to allow for expenses)

- EARN EVEN MORE....Bonus after first 20 paid painters - Additional painters over the first 20 we will only charge $20 and get you an additional $5 each guest.40 people means First 20 is still $300 as above but with the second 20 people @ $40 ticket -20 our fee= $20 benefit per person x add'l 20= $400 $) 40 People means $300 + $400 =$700 funds raised.

We ask that we get volunteers from the fundraising organization to assist with set up and pack up. Approximately one person for every 10-15 people for each set up and pack up shift. Set up takes about one hour before party and pack up is about 30-45 minutes after end. For set up we will ask them to assist with setting up easels, fill water cups, and help distribute supplies. Pack up consists of taking down and packing easels, emptying water, collecting brushes, helping toss trash into can.

* If the 20 person minimum is not met we do not want to cancel your event but we will make additional adjustments in the fundraising amount if you fall below the minimum, this will be discussed during coordinating the event. 

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